Behind the name

Historically, the word terrene was synonymous with the mundane & unimagined... This space stands in contrast to those outdated concepts and exists to showcase the extraordinary in the everyday; the remarkable artistic expressions of our home and its inhabitants. 

Terrene is a place of union, of ideas and creation. Our editorial scope is simple—to strengthen creative communities through storytelling.  We seek to inspire, educate, and contribute meaningfully—supporting the conscious and mindful work of creative individuals around the globe, this is a space to document & celebrate their collective efforts. This is a love letter to our home—the most sacred thing we have.                                         
Terrene :  Of or like earth.
 Adjective | Archaic
                Earthly - belonging to or characteristic of this earth—"earthly beings" of the world
      Origin / Latin; terrenus'  - terra; earth