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Seasonal Showcase : Vancouver Christmas Art Market

While fighting off frost & the recent cold sweeping over Vancouver we wandered into The American on Main St. (formerly the Electric Owl) and were greeted by festive site of talented Vancouver artists showcasing their work and selling their goods to those looking for something special to fill their stockings with. 

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Mr. Mountain and Life inside the Volcano

Meet James Mckenzie, the patriarch of one of the pioneering families that settled in the Tweed Valley in the late 1800's. For over 6 generations, the Mckenzies have owned and managed over 500 acres of mountain covered in subtropical rainforest & eucalyptus nestled in the immense caldera of an extinct shield volcano - the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. 

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Jam Night - Agnes Water

You may not have heard of Agnes Water & 1770, these twin coastal towns are sometimes left off of the list of places you must visit as you make your way along Australia's east coast - perhaps that is one of the reasons that make this area is so special. Situated in Central Queensland, this region is known as the Discovery Coast - marking Captain Cook's first contact with the state. Agnes Water is also home to the most northerly surf beach on the east coast - a beautiful place to get your fill of surf before the start of the reef. 

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Studio Panelpop - Tony Knoll

While wandering the streets of Fitzroy taking in some of Melbourne's fantastic street art, we stumbled upon a truly incredible space - Tony Knoll's studio / art shop - Panelpop. 
Tony is just as much an avid art collector as he is a creator. He takes illustrations & images that inspire him and produces a unique and beautiful print - offering one to the artist and one to adorn his shop. 

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