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Seasonal Showcase : Vancouver Christmas Art Market

While fighting off frost & the recent cold sweeping over Vancouver we wandered into The American on Main St. (formerly the Electric Owl) and were greeted by festive site of talented Vancouver artists showcasing their work and selling their goods to those looking for something special to fill their stockings with. 

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Mr. Mountain and Life inside the Volcano

Meet James Mckenzie, the patriarch of one of the pioneering families that settled in the Tweed Valley in the late 1800's. For over 6 generations, the Mckenzies have owned and managed over 500 acres of mountain covered in subtropical rainforest & eucalyptus nestled in the immense caldera of an extinct shield volcano - the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. 

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Rainy evenings on West 4th : Estate Sales

Step into Estate Sales—the perfect place to inherit something strange. This shop looks small but you could spend hours inside, rummaging through the collection of curiosities that litter every inch of the space. I ducked in here one rainy night and photographed everything that caught my eye, there was a lot of ground to cover. I ended up leaving empty handed only to return the next day and pick up this haunting painting of a blue haired individual—my friends think its freaky, I say its art. 

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