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Beer & Design 2.0 - The Red Academy

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending Beer & Design 2.0 at The Red Academy. It was a brilliant combination of cold brews and industry leaders coming together to speak candidly about brewing amazing beer as well as the opportunities & challenges of creating a unique brand in such a new and vastly competitive market. 

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Jam Night - Agnes Water

You may not have heard of Agnes Water & 1770, these twin coastal towns are sometimes left off of the list of places you must visit as you make your way along Australia's east coast - perhaps that is one of the reasons that make this area is so special. Situated in Central Queensland, this region is known as the Discovery Coast - marking Captain Cook's first contact with the state. Agnes Water is also home to the most northerly surf beach on the east coast - a beautiful place to get your fill of surf before the start of the reef. 

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