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Fine Art Classes - Burbank

This is a look into an evening art class in the home & studio of Australian fine artist Philip Farley—a space straight out of a storybook surrounded by bushland and countless species of native wildlife.While studying upstairs I snuck down to snap a few shots of a cozy winter night of creativity, tea, and some fine art coaching. 

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Snag - Live Painting & Art Raffle

If you're looking for a good introduction to Vancouver's alternative arts scene then head over to The American (926 Main Street) on the last Tuesday of every month to witness Snag - Live Painting Exhibition & Art Raffle.  Snag provides an opportunity for artists to support, connect, and collaborate with the one another.

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Purple Thistle - Community Art Space

A night spent in the Purple Thistle—an artist run communal space in East Vancouver for youth to explore, play, and create together. Now closed after almost 15 years—although the space is changing hands, the spirit and projects launched out of the Thistle continue on. Thank you for nurturing our collective creativity. 

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Seasonal Showcase : Vancouver Christmas Art Market

While fighting off frost & the recent cold sweeping over Vancouver we wandered into The American on Main St. (formerly the Electric Owl) and were greeted by festive site of talented Vancouver artists showcasing their work and selling their goods to those looking for something special to fill their stockings with. 

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Studio Panelpop - Tony Knoll

While wandering the streets of Fitzroy taking in some of Melbourne's fantastic street art, we stumbled upon a truly incredible space - Tony Knoll's studio / art shop - Panelpop. 
Tony is just as much an avid art collector as he is a creator. He takes illustrations & images that inspire him and produces a unique and beautiful print - offering one to the artist and one to adorn his shop. 

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