Studio Panelpop - Tony Knoll

While wandering the streets of Fitzroy taking in some of Melbourne's fantastic street art, we stumbled upon a truly incredible space - Tony Knoll's studio / art shop - Panelpop. 

This place made me feel like an absolute kid in a candy store & despite the artist being a bit camera shy himself, Tony was more than happy to allow me to capture photographs of the various works covering every inch of the shop. We ended up having such a good chat & genuine connection, sharing stories about our mutual love for Vancouver and how he could see himself living on the West Coast & fitting right in to our creative hub - Granville Island. 

As you browse through the gallery you may recognize some of the images on the panels, this is because Tony is just as much an avid art collector as he is a creator. He takes illustrations & images that inspire him and produces a unique and beautiful print - offering one to the artist and one to adorn his shop. 

I knew there was something special about this rustic little studio as we walked by & after spending time inside, I found that this space perfectly encompasses what my idea of Terrene is. 

Tony's process is mindful & considerate, he uses materials that would otherwise be in landfills & breathes new life in to them; assembling bits of polystyrene, recycled timber, and reconstituted limestone into truly special objects to be displayed and adored. Each piece is handmade & unique, the wood used may have come from the branches of a magnolia tree in Tony's garden or a beautiful piece of Tasmanian cedar from a recent visit. Tony prefers to reduce his work's carbon footprint by encouraging local customers to pick up their orders, however, you can have your photograph or illustration posted to you anywhere in the world - you may have even seen one of his pieces in a boutique shop / gallery near you :)

So if you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood, stop in to say hello & discover some of the treasures for yourself.