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Butterfly House - Coffs Harbour

The Butterfly House offers a lush indoor subtropical rainforest in which visitors can walk amongst hundreds of live Australian butterflies. It's a bit of magic to observe the natural behaviors of these incredible creatures—seeing them fly, sip nectar, court, and show off their brilliant wings had us mesmerized for hours. 

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DIY: Natural Bark Hanging Baskets

This post was inspired by a collection of old wire baskets lying around in the garden looking in need of some love. Some of them were rusty and bent out of shape but there was still life left in them, with a little inspiration from the environment around us, we created something simple out of items that would otherwise be rubbish. 

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The Great Ocean Road

A winter's day alone on one of the most scenic drives in the world. A photo diary from the Great Ocean Road - kissed by wind & rains, beautiful as ever. Despite the things we were told of wind warnings and wetness, we wouldn't write off this time of the year for a visit. There is a certain charm to the winter's chill and having the wide expanse of coast all to yourself. 

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Street Art - Fitzroy I

Upon arriving in Victoria after months spent in remote areas of the country, we was itching to explore the city of Melbourne - a place known for its vibrant arts & cafe culture. 

Naturally we headed straight to Fitzroy - arguably the most creative and eclectic part of the city. This area has been described as the inner-city mecca for Melbourne’s alternative scene and it’s no surprise why. 

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South Australia - a feeling of home

There was this wonderful feeling of returning home once we hit the expansive coniferous forests of Southern Australia. This territory was so different from anything else we had experienced in this country. The landscape was made up of lush green rolling hills littered with sheep & the air was crisp and invigorating after a long journey. 

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