Graphically Speaking - MNSTR Gallery


An ongoing collaborative project between photographer Olivia Sari-Goerlach and artists she encounters along her journey. Previously based out of Singapore, this series features the portraits & illustrative styles of 12 locally based artists. 

Now established in Vancouver, BC—OSG plans to continue "Graphically Speaking" here and in the future as she travels to & inhabits cities all over the world. During the Talk & Draw evening, we were invited into Oli's home gallery to learn more about the project, her work as well as plan future collaborations for the Vancouver edition of her project. 

The gallery space had a clean, minimalist aesthetic that matched her photographic style and was complimented by the bold black lines & unique individual styles of her chosen artists.  

Oli's vision for the project was to provide an insight into the personalities behind each piece—showcasing both the portrait & artistic style of each individual artist taking part. 

Have a look at some of the photos from the night below & visit her website to learn more :