Succulents Multimedia - The Gam Gallery


loved the description of the event so much that I had to include it here: 

[suhk-yuh-luh nt]
1. full of juice; juicy.

Us juicy women be oozing creativity so come catch us express our art with the intention of restoring the balance. 

This multimedia event will feature...

Music by:
Kaya Malou - Raisa Renée Ruiz - Adriana Parejas - Dayle Sanders - Radina Vee - Larisa Marie
ristie McCracken - Mira Lutsenko - Lee Newman & Stephanie Hodgins (of Parlour Panther)

DJ stylings of:
gyst & INNEZZ

Fashion by:
Raisa Renée Ruiz (Vagabond Collectibles)

A Monologue by:
Marissa Burton

Photography by:
Céline Pinget - Photography

Visual art by:
Ciele Beau Art + Design
Elli Zogia
Kaya Malou

Captured by:
Zoé Arthur

MC'd with finesse by:
Char Loro

CHOCOLATE made by Cacao Consciousness aka Mira Lutsenko
TEA made by Fleurs aka Tee Krispil
COMMUNAL ART PIECE lead by Emily Haine
PRIZES from all the ladies!!
A BYOB typa situation
and more feminine vibes than you can fit in one room, but we gonna.

All proceeds will be going to PACE Society which promotes safer working conditions for Vancouver's sex workers by reducing harm and isolation through education and support.

For this world to keep going around, balance must be restored. This has nothing to do with gender but instead the balancing of energy that lives within all humans. In a world that favours masculine traits, feminine energy is dwindling, with the masses (men, women and fluid) denying their innate femininity. So we invite you to join us in tapping into that energy by nurturing these women’s talent, observing with love and support as they showcase the great strength of vulnerability by shedding parts of themselves to share their creations, which is all just so divinely feminine.