Charlotte Spafford - Precious Things Collected & Kept


While heading to the Gam Gallery to check out a friend's group art show—we stopped to enter 434 Columbia St. a mysterious little space where Charlotte Spafford was hosting her solo exhibition—Precious Things: Collected and Kept.

Charlotte asked people all over the city for submissions of their most precious objects and what their significance is to them. The show exhibits Spafford's unique recreations of these objects in her multimedia style.

Precious things plays with the themes of community and belonging, examining the emotional connections individuals have to the things in their lives.

The work in intimate, each piece delicately assembled with ink, thread, watercolor, pencils, pens, and pastel.

" I work part-time in long term care, so I see the impermanence of life on a daily basis. When someone passes away, their precious things are often the only physical record we have of who they were and what they loved. Our precious objects are the types of things that may be shown in museums one day, to tell future generations about who we were. I find it fascinating to think about what those things might be." — source

See more of Charlotte's work: