Artist Spotlight - Philip Farley


While living & studying graphic design in Brisbane, I had the pleasure of sharing a home with talented fine art painter Philip Farley. His meticulous work ranges from wildlife & portraits to cities & landscapes and every single one of these pieces have stunning detail, dramatic light, and vibrant colours. 

It wasn't until close to the end of my stay that Phil pulled out an enormous portfolio of previous works that he thought I may be interested in seeing. Excitedly I grabbed my camera and of course photographed almost everything.  

Before becoming a full-time fine artist—Philip earned a living in the world of advertising. Out of college he recieved a job as a commercial illustrator at an ad agency and it was fascinating flipping through his collection of work from the span of his career before fine art. 

For anyone studying design now, it is a treat to see how things were created when everything had to be done by hand—before Adobe, one click mock ups, and our beloved Lorem Ipsum—everything was done by hand with striking precision.