The Chai Lounge - East is East

Enter into East is East - a restaurant saturated in warmth & irresistible fragrance, the sounds and flavours of the silk & spice route. This is one of our favourite restaurants in the city - a true gem for anyone with a palette for eastern spice, wholesome and humble food rich with culture.

The restaurant has two locations on Main Street & and Broadway adorned in Persian rugs, reclaimed wooden furnishings, mandalas, and himalayan salt candles. This the perfect place for an intimate meal or celebration among friends while enjoying delicious trans-himalayan cuisine.

"Chai Lounge is our landmark location. There is no place like it in Vancouver; visitors from near and far marvel at the walls crafted from Himalayan rock salt ,ornate Persian carpets, ceiling mandala's, and nature-inspired furnishings. The large central stage features a rotating line-up of world class musicians from India, Iran, Romania, Spain, China, Canada and more, playing traditional instruments in rare and unique combinations."