The Climb to Perspective

Sometimes the clarity of perspective only comes from the climb of overcoming the days distractions & uncertainty. It comes only when we take the time to step outside of our homes and the comfort of daily life to reconnect to our surroundings & the land we inhabit.


The wilderness enhances our senses. If we allow ourselves the space to feel it then the connection clicks in – to the earth and the sacred symphony of the forest, a rush of water and wind, the warmth of a fire burning dim in the hearth.


Pushing past the cloud cover we regain our affinity for one another. We see the complicated beauty of community. The wild entangle of a village, a city. 


The greatest gift elevation gives us is the reminder that the wealth of society and humanity are intrinsically… irrevocably tied to the health of our earths ecology. If we forget this we forget what it means to live in a community, we lose the warmth of fellowship and and become a cold society. 


Pushing past the fog we must be willing to climb – this is the gift we receive only if we take the time – the gift of clarity and connectedness to this fragile home of yours and mine.