Of Winter & Warmth - an ode to snow

After almost a year and a half abroad we returned home to a record breaking winter like one we hadn't seen in years.


Greeted with the most brilliant blanket of white we shed off the summer and slipped into a familiar embrace. The silver dance of the trees and bite of wind - the warmth of our homes and familiar kin.


The snow reminded us of the importance of moving slow, the excitement of the road delivering us home to the arms of our loved ones and the undiluted souls of animals we left when we set out on our journey.


It reminded us of how wonderful it is to take shelter in one another.

To care for each other.

To enjoy the tiny - almost missable - parts of being together with our kin and companions.


It brought us back to basics, the foundation of family and ties that only strengthen through the passing of time.


Reminding us of our vulnerability, the snow whispers that beauty can be harsh and uncomfortable and the frost's icy pitch insists that the bite of winter is batter shared.


The cold brings us closer together and the suns golden glow hums of the coming of spring with the promise of warmth and the thawing of all cold things.


Cherish the light & joy in the rythmic seasons of life and this endless cyclic flow.


 - for our loyal shadow, beloved Leo