Bandidas Taqueria - Inauguration Day Art Show & Fundraiser

If you live in Vancouver and you love good food you have probably visited Bandidas on Commercial Drive - a plant-based Mexican Taqueria with a big heart, a predisposition for giving back to the community, and a genuinely mindful way of going about their business.

I had first found the announcement of the community art show & fundraiser to be held on Mr. Trump's Inauguration day from the cover of the menu while enjoying dinner with some friends - a simple illustration of North American fireweed with with the following announcement. 

"Fireweed is a vibrant plant and one of the first species to grow after a forest fire or environmental devastation. Its appearance is one of the first signs of regeneration and rebuilding. The US election results have delivered a sharp wake-up call: as a community, we need to do more to listen, speak up, and stand up for our collective rights. We want to act with our community to build hope, defend the marginalized, use our privilege to effect social change, and work towards prevention of further crises. Because we want to focus on regrowth rather than despair, we've dubbed the event 'fireweed.' "

On January 20th 2017 Bandidas manifested a vision that they had for an event that would bring the community closer together. The intention behind Fireweed is powerful -  expressing a sentiment of compassion as well as a sincere commitment to supporting one another through the challenging times ahead. 

With the help of the community & in the true spirit of democracy, a handful of organizations we're chosen to receive the funds raised - 100% profits from the sale of food & beverage on Inauguration day. Anyone coming in to eat on  January 20th was given 3 stickers with which they could vote for their favourite organizations to support by placing them on a large poster in the restaurant. 

The $3,962  ( rounded to $ 4000 )  raised in funds has been divided up proportionate to how many people voted for each organization. Not only has Fireweed provided a space for local artists to show their work, it is also become a beautiful show of support to the organizations working diligently for social justice in the madness that is the Trump era. This was a beautiful a collective community effort & we are honoured to feature Bandidas as a space that truly serves their community. 

                                       from the bandidas website : 

Planned Parenthood  $901
Standing Rock  $615
RAVEN Trust  $472
Sierra Club  $358
NAACP  $296
DREDF  $296
RAINN  $277
QMunity  $272
HRC  $257
Native American Rights Fund  $257

The work will be on display till February 20th so don't forget to stop in for a margarita, a couple of tacos, & a glimpse of the show while it's still up. Here is a link to more information on the featured art & details of the show from the Bandidas website.  

Although the fundraiser has ended - the majority of the artists that have contributed to the show ( myself included ) have decided to allow Bandidas to help coordinate a portion of proceeds from art sales as a donation to support the organizations listed above. Thanks again to all the organizations that were a part of making this event happen & to everyone that came out to support our global community as well as Vancouver's local art - we are so powerful when we come together. 

Fireweed Fundraiser - Ana Petre - Terrene - Vancouver3.jpg