Herbal Blend from the Garden - Mint & Lemongrass

When I completed my stay at Krishna Village eco yoga community I got hit with a case of the spring flu. The easiest & most comforting thing I did while under the weather was to make a quick herbal blend with whatever I could find in the garden.

Luckily we have the privilege of living on a beautiful and abundant property in Bellingen Shire, NSW. So I went straight to the huge patch of healthy mint that had gone wild in the garden and then to the lemon grass bushes that looked like they were in need of a trim. The smell while harvesting the two was amazing, mint and lemongrass seemed like the perfect pairing for the way I was feeling.

There is just something about mint tea - I associate it with christmas & coziness, it also dead easy to get growing & take care of. Such a hardy plant it can actually be quite difficult to control & get rid of, good thing it is so versatile & has a multitude of benefits that we can enjoy. 

Mint can be used for promoting digestion & good oral health, improving your complexion. Relieving aches & pains and soothing itches. Mint also has properties that help prevent cancer as well as fight depression & fatigue in our bodies. Boosting our immunity, eliminating toxins, and reducing the growth of bacteria and fungus. 

Herbal teas in general are a wonderful alternative to caffeine & offer their own unique gifts to us such as providing us with antioxidants - lowering our rates of cancer, and gently soothing stress while enlivening our spirits. Experiment with blends that are individual to you. Feel inspired to grow and gift these herbs & teas to yourself and your loved ones, enjoy the brew. 

What you'll need :

- fresh herbs ; in my case - mint & lemongrass
- pair of clean scissors
- * dehydrator - optional
- clean sealed jar


1.  If needed, wash any dirt off then shake to remove excess water you can also  use a paper towel     to dry and soak up most of the water. 

2.  I left the mint leaves on the stems when picking & drying them and I cut the lemongrass so that it would fit on the tray in the dehydrator, leaving space between the pieces so that they have room to breath.  

 If you do not have a dehydrator you can hang the herbs upside down or place them on a paper towel in a tray out of direct sunlight, store them in a dry airy place and they should be ready in about 2-3 weeks. I'm very happy I had access to a dehydrator because I didn't have the patience for that and didn't want to run the risk of mold if there was a lot of moisture in the air.

3. Place the dehydrator on the lowest setting, you'll notice that the herbs don't need long. After about 2 hours the leaves should by dried and have retained a little bit of color. 

4. Grab your clean pair of scissors & air tight container and begin to snip the herbs into pieces - full leaf teas retain more flavor so the bigger the pieces you leave, the longer the tea will keep & retain its flavor. 

The blend will be its most fresh in the first three months - I enjoyed mine every day for a week with fresh lemon squeezed in. Best thing ever. Have you made any delicious blends you'd like to share? leave a comment below & I'd love to try it sometime : ) 

- Namaste