Jam Night - Agnes Water

You may not have heard of Agnes Water & 1770, these twin coastal towns are sometimes left off of the list of places you must visit as you make your way along Australia's east coast - perhaps that is one of the reasons that make this area is so special. Situated in Central Queensland, this region is known as the Discovery Coast - marking Captain Cook's first contact with the state. Agnes Water is also home to the most northerly surf beach on the east coast - a beautiful place to get your fill of surf before the start of the reef. 

If you decide to include the these tiny settlements in your journey, you will surely encounter some of the colourful characters that call this region home. In the first week of our stay, we were invited to join in on what has become a bit of a local tradition - Thursday Jam nights in Agnes Water. A place where locals & travellers have come together to create music and share stories. Musicians, artists, and whomever is curious are warmly welcomed into the home of Anthony 'T-Bone' Bonney, an extremely warm & generous individual that has a knack for guitar, saxophone, singing, and bringing people together. Every Thursday T-Bone's gatherings draw a diverse crowd as he opens up his space - 'GroundSwell Studio' - and allows anyone to pick up an instrument and partake in the celebration. 

Thursdays have become a highlight for many that have spent a bit of time in the area and for those who live here permanently. Come as you are, partake as you wish, and allow the feeling of community wash over you as you get to know some of the special people that embody the spirit of this region. One of the individuals you may find at these gatherings is the talented Bob Gammage,  perpetually barefoot & adorned in his painter's smock - Bob is an incredible artist who specializes in capturing the energy and spirit of live performances. Events such as this are a natural inspiration for him; he has the ability to capture the life and movement of a space through his medium while it is happening - immortalizing the moment to be relived over and over even once it has passed. 

At the center of this creative sanctuary is one of Bob's beautiful paintings - the music and movement in the room permanently captured in a mesmerizing artscape. Being the beautiful individual that he is, Bob gifted us one of his original art deck's - a unique card game of his own invention with images of dozens of past events he has attended and captured. He also happens to have one of the most beautiful rings I have ever seen, the underside dented in from years of holding his painter's palette. I had to photograph it.. Perhaps when you meet him he will tell you the story of how he came to have it.

Here is a photo diary of a blissful night at Ground Swell studio.