Brainy Breakfast Blend

Cinnamon Apple Chia Nut Crunch

After trying out a ridiculously easy method for making comforting homemade apple sauce I wanted to have a little bit more fun and customize this seasonal staple.

Don't get me wrong apple sauce is delicious on its own, I could enjoy spoonfuls of it served both warm or cold, either way is delicious. However, after feeling inspired by what I had in the kitchen one morning, I threw together a breakfast that's worth boasting about. The recipe is simple, like making the sauce itself, but packs a punch of fresh flavour and crunch that will fuel you up with all the good stuff you need to get your day started off on the right foot.

What you'll need:

3 heaping spoonfuls of your homemade apple sauce 

1 large dollop of yogurt ( Preferably non-dairy, I use Yoso Unsweetened Creamy Cultured Coconut                                           Yogurt - Yum! ) 

1 tbs black chia seeds. 1 tbs hulled hemp seeds. 1 tbs buckwheat               
3 tbs of Skinny B high fiber breakfast cereal which contains all three ancient grains.

1/2 a banana

handful of crushed walnuts

1 tsp of organic honey  

This Earth Blend Brainy Breakfast is incredibly delicious, nutritious, & quick to make. Homemade cinnamon apple sauce is a wonderful addition to any granola breakfast and this one is a simple blend of quality ingredients that together create a satisfying & sweet morning treat.

Happy Holidays to you all & I hope you enjoy this special
time of the year surrounded by love and light