DIY: Natural Bark Hanging Baskets

This post was inspired by a collection of old wire baskets lying around in the garden looking in need of some love. Some of them were rusty and bent out of shape but there was still life left in them, with a little inspiration from the environment around us, we created something simple out of items that would otherwise be rubbish. 

All you need for this DIY is.... 

wire frame hanging baskets
malleable bark
soil & plants

These baskets wont last forever but they are excellent for annuals - plants that only last a season. 
The bark also provides good drainage, aeration, and looks a little different then your average store bought hanging basket. 

We are currently living & gardening in Australia so the bark we had accessible to us happens to work perfectly for this project. We used malleable paper bark as well as bits of scribbly gum ( Eucalyptus ). No trees were hurt in the making of these baskets - we only used bark we gathered that had fallen away from the trees. I hope that you do the same if you choose to try this out! 

Scribbly Gum ( as pictured below ) is a term used to refer to varieties of different Australian Eucalyptus trees which play host to the larvae of a moth which leaves distinctive scribbly patterns on the bark. I always admired the aesthetic of abstract patterns found in scribbly gum and was more than excited to find a functional use for it. 

If you're using strips of paperbark you can just cross two long strips across the bottom of the basket to provide a thick base for the soil to sit on top of. Allow the bark to reach out past the edges of the basket at first, you can either fold over or cut the excess bark once you are done layering. 

Using non malleable bark is a little more tricky because it wont bend to the shape of the basket. If you are using a harder bark you have to break off pieces and find a way to arrange them so that there aren't any large gaps in the basket. You can see Tyson using smaller pieces of scribbly gum and weaving them through one another. 

Below is what my basket looked like before I put soil in it, notice how there are a few layers to hold the weight of the dirt and prevent it from leaking out. 

Once you're happy with how your basket looks, use some potting soil & loving intention to pot up the plant of your preference. We have planted calendula, tomato, wild strawberries & sage :)

Its a really simple project & the process of creating it can be quite meditative. I hope you feel inspired to try it out and if you do share the results with me! You can tag #terreneprojects on Instagram or tag me in the photo 

I look forward to seeing what you create! ps. this would be gorgeous with Birch bark <3