Alexandria's Antique Jungle - Sydney

During our stay in Sydney we stumbled upon a truly noteworthy space in one of the city's most underrated neighbourhoods. Just south of Sydney's CBD is Alexandria, a former industrial landscape made up of converted warehouse & factories that are now serving as creative spaces and trendy cafe's in response to the city's growing coffee culture. Alexandria has quiet streets, beautiful parks & unique businesses to boast - you may have heard of The Grounds of Alexandria, an immense courtyard build out of the remnants of a heritage listed warehouse and now transformed into a green community space with a bakery, cafe, and organic gardens. 

If you do find yourself exploring Sydney looking for something a little bit different, this area is the perfect candidate. Here is a photo diary from a space we spent hours exploring - located at 17 Bourke Road, The Mitchell Road Antique and Design Centre is an immense bazaar of artwork, lighting, furniture, homewares, jewelry, fashion, and other oddities. The space holds the merchandise of retailers specializing in bohemian, vintage and retro antiques & collectables from countless eras.

You can get lost in the space admiring all the unique objects that compose the 2,300 sq meter warehouse. This place really stood out like a bizarre museum in which every exhibit was on display.  

But the reason we love this space is because it offers something really valuable to communities, a place to store objects depicting our culture & society that would otherwise end up in the bin.

Providing a home for pre-loved vintage goods until they find their new owners that treasure them as little pieces of history saved from the landfill.